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30 April 2006 @ 02:46 pm
Due to, er, "clogging" here at my current LJ (and some other personal reasons), I've decided to move, and don't worry, this will be the last time. Promise! *sheepish grin*

So add me!
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Once Upon A December @ Chapter 28
And the story continues. The secret anti-GFA organization has gathered; could the rumors really be true? Could Kuroudo Marume really be dead?

Without the Rainbow @ Chapter 3
Anxieties of a groom-to-be. Kyousuke's bachelor days are over in two days' time. Is that what he's so worked up about?
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04 April 2006 @ 05:49 pm
It's been a long time. *sigh*

My offline life's been really busy, and even if I'm officially on summer break, there's still a lot for me to do. Our school's having the Comprehensive Exam Level II (CEL-II) by the end of the month, and I'll have to go to school starting Thursday to review for that. I won't be able to enter fourth year if I don't pass that exam. Heaven help me. ;_;

But worry not, once in a while I'll be dropping by for icons and fic updates.

Hugs to all! ♥
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OMG I have a story for this.

When Christmas break expired and I came up with nothing, I gave up and forgot about joining the contest. But then, one fateful day, osmalic IMed to tell me that the contest has been extended. And guess what happened? A fluffy plot bunny of doom bit me! ♥ Due to my currently hectic schedule, however, I'm still 40% away from completing the draft, then I'll have to type, edit, and send it over to osmalic to be beta-ed. Hope I get all that done before February 28 so that I won't miss the deadline.

Anyway, midterm week just ended last Saturday, so we're pretty much a bit relaxed academically than usual. But one of our teachers just had to nominate me as one of the contestants for our upcoming Miss Commerce pageant on the 17th! I'm not beauty queen material here! I'm even having trouble walking!



...wow, that paragraph had so many italics. XD

And I feel like Anya.

But yes, I'm doomed.



On another note, I seem to have gotten enough inspiration back to resume writing fics. It's really been a while, and I'm eager to get back to work. So, definitely this summer, I'll be on a roll with Without the Rainbow, because my classmates are nagging me about it. I'll also attempt to complete the second act of Hikari No Will Power, and perhaps add a couple of Requiescat for Lous. ^_^

However, due to the recent developments in the Star Wars universe, Scarlet Shadows will be in an indefinite hiatus. Troy Denning unfortunately sent my fandom into a coma.

sanosukesayo fans, however, will have a reason to rejoice, because after my one and only attempt to write a full-length fic for them (Don't Play With Fire, completed way back in February 2003), I'll be writing another one. Finally. The idea's actually been playing around in my head for a while now, but I still haven't had the opportunity to write it. Summer, however, will be a different story. *smirks*

It's tentatively entitled Kahit Ngayon Lang (translates roughly to Even Just Today), an AU fic set during World War II in the Philippines. Yes, Philippines. Sayo is Magdalena, a Filipina street rat; Sano is Sasuke, a Japanese soldier. And I won't spoil the rest. =p

What do you guys think?
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29 January 2006 @ 11:41 am
Invader Zim
[7] GIR

Crush Gear Turbo
[2] Harry Gamble
[2] Kouya Marino
[3] Kyousuke Jin
[3] Kuroudo Marume
[4] Takeshi Manganji


Comments are love! ♥

'Bots and Bishies, YumCollapse )
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25 January 2006 @ 03:19 pm
Until now, my claim for 20_songset hasn't been approved, but I'm already done with the set. So I'm posting it anyway, and I'll just link it to the community once my claim will be up at the list. Comments are love! ♥

LJ Username: darthkuro
Series: Lunar
Song: "Flying Without Wings" by Westlife
# of icons behind the cut: 20/20
Credits: LunarNET, Deja Vu, DaFont
Lyrics: here

Everybody's looking for that something...Collapse )
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13 January 2006 @ 09:17 pm

For those who love Lunar, icons, and fanfiction. It's actually an icon/fanfic challenge community. There will be icon challenges every week, and fic challenges every month. Sounds fun, right? Still, even if you don't, but you love me, then join.

Please? *puppy eyes*
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13 January 2006 @ 09:11 pm
Lookie! I won! *points to bannie*

But that was really due to luck, the color pink, and Digimon kawaiiness, not my icon-making skills whatsoever. =p
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23 December 2005 @ 08:46 pm

*glomps* I still don't have your birthday fic, but I hope to be able to finish them before the year ends. Keep your fingers crossed. =p
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